2019 November Senior Month Special

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November is Senior Pet Month at GVH !

During the month of November we are offering 25 % off a Senior Wellness Package when you bring your senior pet in for a Wellness Exam.

Senior Pets are 7 years or older.

The Senior Wellness Package is designed to identify problems early and initiate preventative health care measures. Diagnostic tests help establish normal baseline values for your pet, creating a point of comparison for the future. Early detection of disease often gives us more effective and less costly treatment options!

The Senior Wellness Package includes:

 Intestinal parasite screen

 Heartworm Test (Canine)

 Blood Chemistry Tests

 Complete Blood Count


 Thyroid Screen


*    FREE Blood Pressure Measurement

Appointments are limited so call us soon at 706-387-0006 to get your appointment scheduled.

(Our Dental Special will begin in December so this is a great time to get your pre-dental blood work done for a discount! This can also be scheduled as your pet’s annual if they are due, saving you on their annual heartworm test and fecal.)